Using the Enneagram with Judith Searle


"Judith Searle's approach to character is tremendously helpful both when writing characters and while learning more about one's self. She is one of those special teachers: well-prepared, knowledgeable, with a fantastic array of clips to illustrate her points. And, she's a gracious and accessible teacher who makes simply being in her presence for two days a big 'ah-ha' and a delight."
    --Dr. Linda Seger
    Author, Creating Unforgettable Characters, Making a Good Script Great

"The Enneagram is an extraordinary avenue of insight into the mysteries of characterization and plot which enliven our greatest works in the English language. Judith Searle is a genius teacher and a genius, period.
     --Carolyn See
   Author, The Handyman, Dreaming, Golden Days

"An invaluable class . . . . a wonderful introduction to a fascinating model for understanding the human experience; this workshop taught with humor and wisdom provides insights essential for writing, acting, and living."
     --Robert Maurer
   Associate Clinical Professor, Dept. of Family Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine
   Instructor, Writers Program, UCLA Extension Division
   Consultant to theatrical companies through the US and Great Britain

"The videos are the best I've ever seen. Especially with Judith's exquisite interpretations and explanations."
    --David Daniels, M.D.
    Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University

"As explained by Judith Searle, the Enneagram becomes a perfect writer's tool. First, it allows a story creator to better understand himself or herself in order to choose his or her most congenial genre. Second, and more importantly, it provides a powerful tool for the generation of internally-consistent characters and the interactions between them."
     --John Riley
   Writer, TV movies: "For Ladies Only," "The Tower"; former WGA Board member

"Judith Searle understands writing characters like Robert McKee and Syd Field know the story and three acts. And like those quintessential teachers, Judith can transfer complete character knowledge to you. Judith's character mastery goes way beyond checklists of tips, tricks and quirks. And her investment in the production quality of her material and instruction is almost without equal in the world of writing workshops."
    --Christopher Eller

"Without Judith Searle's special talent for using unforgettable characters from literature, film and theatre to illustrate the nine personality types on which the Enneagram system is based, many of us would be deprived of the Enneagram's rich insights into human behavior patterns."
    --Hannelore Hahn
    Founder & Executive Director, International Women's Writing Guild

"Judith Searle's workshops have shown me the enormous professional benefits of the Enneagram for both the craft of acting and of writing. She teaches this system with clarity and real joy, and the experience for me was both enjoyable and revelatory."
     --Barbara Babcock
   Emmy-winning actress, "Hill Street Blues"

"I strongly recommend Judith Searle's Using The Enneagram To Create Characters workshop. As a model/tool, the Enneagram successfully focuses on character types and how people behave under normal, relaxed, and stressed conditions. The crafts of actors, directors, writers, and those who work with them can only be enhanced when they apply this ideal system to character development. Judith's insights and examples from classic and popular films and novels are worth experiencing in order to deliver future high-quality performances."
     --Sara Margoshes
   Literary Agent, SMA, LLC

"Judith Searle offers the perspective of the Enneagram to the creative community in a way we can appreciate, by locating Enneagram character types in the literary and film characters that have defined our world."
     --Amanda Pope
   Professor, USC School of Cinema-Television

"Judith's special talent is in choosing a rich array of examples with perfect pitch for types, and in her insightful and eloquent analyses of these examples. . . . I highly recommend her workshop."
     --Elizabeth Rich
   Review in Enneagram Monthly 

"An area of Enneagram explorations where Judith is doing some very good pioneering work is in the application of the Enneagram to story genres. Hearing her talk about this and seeing her examples helped me a lot as a theater and film professional."
     --Claes Lilja
   Actor, director

"With her rich background in creative writing and her sensitivity as an actor, Judith plumbs the depths of characterization in literature and brings her students a unique and revelatory experience of the nine types."
     --Barbara Brandt
   Certified Enneagram teacher