Using the Enneagram with Judith Searle


IN THE TEETH OF TIME: Poems 1971-2004

by Judith Searle

(CONFLU:X Press, Marina Del Rey, CA. ISBN 0-9753559-4-5. 80 pages. $16)

"At once erudite and bawdy, grief-stricken and love-struck, Judith Searle's unique poems smite the soul."
-- Carolyn See

"Reading In the Teeth of Time, by Judith Searle, I think of the poet Adam Zagajewski's declaration, 'Only in the beauty created/by others is there consolation/in the music of others and in others' poems...' I am consoled by these beautiful poems of love and loss and joy. And, I am moved to agree with this line from the title poem, that it is indeed 'Worth it to be mortal on a day like this.'"
-- Donna Hilbert

"In Judith Searle's book of poems, there is everything we look for in poetry: music, elegance, a well-furnished mind, a sense of humor and a depth charge of eroticism. There is, in addition, something more— a quality so rare I'd almost given up looking for it: an encounter with life in all its fullness and fineness. No easy answers to fierce sorrows, no false triumph at sweet savorings; rather, as Searle writes of a musician, 'every erg of energy perfectly judged.'"
-- Janet Sternburg


JUDITH SEARLE'S poems have appeared in Milkweed Chronicle, Tucumcari Literary Review, The New York Times, The Vineyard Gazette, and Cosmopolitan, among other publications. She has performed her one-woman poetry program, "The Ages of Woman," at various venues in New York and Los Angeles. She is the author of a novel, Lovelife (NAL books). Her nonfiction books include The Literary Enneagram: Characters from the Inside Out and Getting the Part, a book for actors. A member of the Writers Guild of America, the Authors Guild, and the Screen Actors Guild, she heads The Editorial Department, a Santa Monica company that offers literary services to authors and publishers.